What is ETON™?

The Eternal T
emple of Nun

YOUare the Eternal Temple of Nun.

 What do we mean? Let’s look at the meaning of the word Eternal. According to the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary the word Eternal is defined as:  Eternity: Having infinite duration: EVERLASTING: TIMELESS. Eternity is Defined as: Infinite Time: The State After Death: IMMORTALITY. The “IMMORTALS

Temple – Latin Tempus (Time)-The Illusion

Do you not know that you are The Most High’s Temple, and that the Most High’s Spirit dwells within you? For the Most High’s Temple is holy, and that Temple you are.” -  
The Holy Bible, 1Corinthinas 3:16

As you know the Physical Body is the “Temple”, when taken proper care of sustains life. The Physical Temple is an Animation of the three higher quality Temples that are made of a higher more finer substance, (i.e. Mind, Spirit, and Soul). These Three Qualities was only given a “Limited Time” to work on perfection. Our Ancient TaMa-Rean (Egyptian) Ancestors knew life in the Temple (Body) was very important which is why they spent their whole Physical Existence “perfecting” ones KHU (Mind), KAA (Spirit), and BAA (Soul) while keeping their KHAT (Body – Temple) pure which would give them more Time. “The worst thing you can do is waste ones Time!”

NU - (NUN)
  Ancient (TaMa-Rean) Egyptian Word and Principle for 1st, Prime, Hidden Potential and Infinite Possibilities. The Original Creative Forces of the Universe (Nature), the Black Light of Intellect (Mental Energy), the Black Waters or Celestial Waters known as the Etheric Realm, formless Ethers, Un-manifested energies, Nameless.

The Eternal Now!
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