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Oh NUNOLOGIST “THE GUIDE” series is needed more than ever in this day and time. This our new guidance system as sent down to our very own Ascended Master: DR. NEB HERU-NUN the SOLAR DEITY (SUN GOD) of this day and time. This is a guidance system that will take you on an “INNER JOURNEY” towards “SELF PERFECTION”. This is also “THE WAY OF THE NUNOLOGIST”. Use this “Guidance System” we call “THE GUIDE” to guide others into our way of life and way of doing things as NUNOLOGIST all according to the Positive Eternal Laws of Almighty Nature.

his system is not to “FORCE” anything on NON-NUNOLOGIST, it was simply sent down in order to keep us NUNOLOGIST focused and comfortable with our “WAY OF LIFE”. Each Culture has a way of doing things on the Planet Earth and so do we. Our way called “THE GUIDE” is in tune, in rhythm, and in sync with Almighty Eternal Nature and Nature Laws. This is a very Practical Guidance System that must be applied to “YOUR EVERY DAY LIFE”.



30 pages (Printed Book)

Do "YOU" know what "LOOP CONSCIOUS" is? 
Do "YOU" know the Ancient Egyptian Sacred Meaning of Time?
Learn this and much, much, more! 


Do "YOU" know the "POWER OF FASTING"?

Do "YOU" know what the "MENTAL PLANE" is?

Do "YOU" know what the "SPIRITUAL PLANE" is?

Do "YOU" know what the "PLANE OF FORCE, FORCES" is?

Do "YOU" know what the "MATERIAL PLANE" is?

Can "FASTING" hel "YOU" become more "SPIRITUAL?" 

Learn the Answer to these questions and much, much, more! 



Do "YOU" know the "HIDDEN" Power of the ORGASM? 
Do "YOU" Science of SEX verse the ART of SEX?
Do "YOU" how the DIVINE FEMI(NINE) Female's Brain 
is effected by her ORGASM? 
Learn the Answer these questions and much, much more!


20 pages (Printed Book)
Do "YOU" know the POWER of the NEURONS in "YOUR" Brain?
Do "YOU" know what "NEUROPLASTICITY" is?
Do "YOU" know what "MIRROR NEURONS" are? 
Do "YOU" know what NEUROTRANSMITTERS are? 
What are "BRAIN FOODS"? 
Learn the Answers to these Questions and much,much more. 


20 pages (Printed Book) 
 Do YOU know what the Four Brainwaves are? 
Do YOU know the POWER of the ALPHA WAVE?
Do YOU know what happens to your BRIAN during MEDITATION? 
learn the answer to these questions and much, much, more! 


9 pages (Printed Book)

Do YOU know what it takes to be Successful in life?
Learn what the FORCE is that is hurting most People's Confidence and Courage? 
Learn how to build Courage and accomplish anything in LIFE! 
Learn the Power of Your Mind, the NUNOLOGIST WAY! 
Order Today! 


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