Saturday, November 18, 2017


Yes the Omniverse and it’s Omniversal Forces always have away of reflecting to you the things you need for your Souls growth. 
The true Egitpian Tama-Rean student knows it’s about that inner work... make the necessary changes within in order to revolve back into deity!! 
Shedding the qualities of self that make one heavy in this life. As the statement goes ... ones HEART (AB) has to be light as a Ma’at feather!! 
It is only our true Higher Self that judges us... puts a Mirror up to our face by using places, persons, events, situations and things in order to show us we’re we need to grow and let go!! 
Life is all about revolving back into a perfected being BEFORE that ultimate day called DEATH!! 
We all get blinded by the light of illusion of this world the NEGATIVE ONES... Reptilian 6 ether forces and there children have set up!! Wether it’s there picture and version of Fame, fortune, Love, etc... 
This is why we as NUNOLOGIST wear all black when we meet!! In order to show the world and ourselves we have moved pass the blinding white is right and light of this world and are now back in our right state of Mind as a 9mind!! 
So NUNOLOGIST don’t get blinded... keep walking and embracing the pure bliss of darkness... that state of true inner peace!! 
In darkness every cell of your body is recharged... your Supreme Melanin is recharged your Brain releases Melatonin unto more supreme Neuro Chemicals... in Darkness we have come and to Darkness we shall return!! 
This life is about saving your Soul by making the necessary corrections... NUNOLOGIST only YOU can do the work on SELF...
Now you truly know what it means to be Conscious... When the question is asked of you Are you Conscious? Your reply should YES ... I AM NOW CONSCIOUS and fully AWARE OF SELF... then you ask them... ARE YOU? have you spoking to your SOUL LATLY or have you LOST IT and given it up to this WORLD of illusion and empty promises of being something your NOT!! 
Then you say... I AM A NUNOLOGIST... allow me to assist you and turning back on that INNER LIGHT the TRUE LIGHT that Lightheth every MAN, WOMAN, and CHILD of the AFRICAN race that comes into this world!! 
-From the Pen, Mind and Heart of DR.NEB HERU-NUN (Solar Diety) and The Master of Ascension
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