Thursday, August 13, 2015



ANSWER: Oh NUNOLOGIST "THE POWER" of YOUR "INNER VISION" is not something to take lightly, for each THOUGHT has a SHAPE, WEIGHT, COLOR, TONE, and even a VIBRATION! NUNOLOGIST look at the WORLD around you. What do you see? What you see is the INNER WORKINGS of NATURES "THOUGHTS" MANIFESTED

Some full of LIFE and others full of DEATH. Some THOUGHTS stimulated and motivated by the "LIFE PRINCIPLE" and other THOUGHTS MOTIVATED by the DEATH, DESTRUCTION, DECAY PRINCIPLE. In this "NUNOLOGIST GUIDE SERIES" known as "THE POWER OF INNER VISION" we will focus on the "LIFE PRINCIPLE".

WHAT IS THE LIFE PRINCIPLE YOU ASK? NUNOLOGIST the LIFE PRINCIPLE STATES: Anything YOU give YOUR ATTENTION to for any period of time you give "LIFE" to as long as the conditions are necessary for GROWTH!  Oh NUNOLOGIST in knowing this "LIFE PRINCIPLE" we can now consciously grow things or grow the right things in our lives by way of the "POWER OF INNER VISION". 

NUNOLOGIST with your "MIND'S EYE" you must see, see the image, and pictures you want to CREATE in your everyday reality! USE THE POWER OF INNER VISION!! This is the POWER OF THE MIND'S EYE you were given by ALMIGHTY ETERNAL NATURAL NATURE

For more information on the "POWER OF INNER VISION" refer to 
Master Your Destiny Series "Holographic Brain and The Power of Inner Vision" 

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