Wednesday, July 17, 2013



In this Nun Tablet you will learn the Answers to these Questions and Many More... 

1. What is Nunology?
2. How will Nunology Benefit Me?
3. Is Nunology for any Group of People or Gender?
4. Will the Study of Nunology make me Rich? 
5. Will Nunology Bring me a Soul Mate? 
6. Will Nunology give me a better relationship with my Spouse?
7. Can I teach Nunology to my Children? 
8. Why is Nature such an important Study within Nunology? 
9. Why is there so much Human Suffering?
10. What do you call a Person who Studies Nunology? 
11. What is a Nunologist? 
12. What is the Most important Study within Nunology?
13. Are there any other Studies within Nunology? 
14. How do Nunologist view the Mind?
15. Why is the Subconscious Mind studied within Nunology?
16. Is Nunology a Fraternal Order, Secret Society or Mystery System? 
17. Can Nunology assist me in strengthening my connection with my Ancestors? 
18. You asked is Nunology for YOU? WHY? 
19. Once a Person looses there Divinity, will they get it back? 
20. What do you mean Nunology is a Practical Science? 
21. What do you mean by "Eternal Values"?
22. What do you mean by "the Living Mind of Nature"? 

There are more questions in this New Nun Tablet to assist your Mind to get to the "CORE" of what Nunology is and what it is "NOT". Just to many to list... 

"Now YOU will find out if Nunology is truly the Answer YOU been Searching for!" 

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  1. Woah. This seems huge. I guess it is something that I was trying to understand almost all my life. If you believe that this book can ease up my restless mind. I am surely getting my hands on this


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