Saturday, January 19, 2013


Question: According to Nunology what is Black Magic?

Answer: That’s an interesting questions that you would ask that, on this topic such as this book. Being that you are a Qatum (Melaninite) Being, and your Mind Power extends beyond the normal realms of perception of reality. But before we expound further on true Black Magic or the Black arts also known as the unknown or Occult Arts called in Ancient times Alchemy and in Ancient TaMa-RE (Egypt) associated with the Neter (Deity) Khafre or “KHAF-RE” meaning "The Transformational Power of Re" which is the transformation from Mortal Consciousness into Super-consciousness or Divine Mind, we must first look at the origin of the word "Magic." 



Question: So where does the word Magic come from?

Answer: The word Magic comes from Magus, which comes from the Ancient Persian, Babylonian, Mystics named the Magi, which in Ancient times People, like the Christian Jesus, Muslims Isa, and Juadism Yashuwa,  was a member of this mystical fraternity named the Essene or Magi. These Magi were where a group of Mystics known by many different names. They lived in Communities set up all around the world, yet linked together as one brotherhood. The members of the Essene Order where from different schools of thought thus having many different Masters. Each of these Masters taught slightly different doctrines depending on where they were from. Some of the well known Magi where Balthasar from Ethiopia, West Africa, Jasper from Persia, and Melchoir coming from the city of Midan.

According to the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary the word Magic means:
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English magique, from Middle French, from Latin magice, from Greek magikē, feminine of magikos Magian, magical, from magos magus, sorcerer, of Iranian origin; akin to Old Persian maguš sorcerer
Date: 14th century

1 a : the use of means (as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces b : magic rites or incantations

2 a : an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source.

Notice the use of the word "Supernatural", meaning Super-Natural or Very Nature Like. The Super Natural realm that exists within you is your Sub-Conscious Realm, Mind or Subconscious Being. This is where "YOU" the NUNOLOGIST will make connection to those Heavenly forces that reside within one self. To be Super Natural is nothing mystical or unknown our Ancient TaMa-Rean (Egyptian) Ancestors were very intune with Nature and the Forces of Nature, and there Mind power thus Brain Power was very active, they had access and full capability of their Brain Powers, they were able to consciously call upon those latent abilities within their own Subconscious Minds to bring forth greatness! 

This is what we know to be "FACT" as NUNOLOGIST regarding the true "Art form of BLACK MENTAL MAGIC!"  

An excerpt from our forthcoming NUN TABLET "The Black Light Ontology of ALL" Master Key #4. 


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