Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Featured Book of the Week: "How Thoughts Become Things!" by Dr. Neb Heru


By Dr.Neb Heru

Price: $12.00 (*FREE SHIPPING U.S.A. ONLY!)

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Did you know that your thoughts effect the outcome of your Life?

Did you know that there are Cosmic Forces within Nature waiting and ready to assist you accomplish all your Goals, Dreams, Wishes and desires... all we have to do is learn how to call on them?

Did you know that Mind Power is the Greatest Power of all and travels faster then the Speed of Light?

Did you know that what you are attracting into your Life solely depends on the images you are holding in your Mind's Eye?
Well now within this Nun Tablet (Book) "How Thougts Become Things" you will be re-introduced our Ancient Egyptian, Ancient African Way of Manifestation called "MENTAL MAGIC" know in this day and time as NUNOLOGY! 

NOW IS THE TIME to Become the Master of Your Own Destiny!
- Dr. Neb Heru!

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