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How to Release Tension and Stress from your Everyday Life!

Practical Nunology Exercise!!

How to Release Tension and Stress from your Everyday Life!

Practical Visualization Exercise #2:

In this day and time with all the many stresses of day to day living, we tended to carry so much tension and emotional stress in our being that we are even consciously aware. These tensions and Emotional stress ultimately have a “negative effect” on our Melanin and our whole physiological makeup. With this Practical Visualization Exercise we can begin to learn to relieve built up tension and stress, for our ultimate Health and Well being. As you know these Practical Exercises go a long way in restoring balance not just in areas of the Physical Body, but also in the MIND (Mental), Spirit, and Soul (Emotional) as well. Remember we are Qatum (Melaninite) and Quantum Beings and we need a system of restoration that deals with all four aspects of our being, Mind (KHU), Body (KHAT), Spirit (KAA) and Soul (BAA). Now let’s begin shall we!

“Just before laying to rest, turn off all lights, and sounds in your room or dwelling, and begin your breathing exercises, relaxing and calming breathing through your nose and out your mouth, in a slow but rhythmic breathing pattern. Follow your inner voice, it knows best, just relax and be calm. Now as you begin to close your eyes focus your attention on the “darkness or blackness of infinite space” that you see in your Mind, try to determine where the darkness begins and where it ends, for a split second you might feel you are traveling on a long journey to nowhere, and remember you are because the word nowhere really means “NOW-HERE” so realize you are in the NOW. As you begin to see the black infinite space in your mind turn your attention to the soles of your feet, feel a sensation in the soles of your feet and if you feel any built up stress or tension see it in your mind pulling away from your body.

As you feel tension being pulled away from your feet, breathe out slowly and then just relax, and as you breathe in visualize fresh new energy coming into your feet revitalizing your feet. As this energy travels into your feet, feel the energy traveling slowly up to your calves, then your knees, releasing all tension as it travels upward. Keep visualizing and feeling this Healing loving energy traveling up your knees to your reproductive organs, then up to your Navel (belly button) on up to the Solar Plexus region of your abdomen which sits three inches above your Navel.

As you feel a surge of increased energy and vitality, feel this energy travel up to your Heart as this Energy hits your Heart and Heart Chakra or Arusha or Energy seat, feel this loving energy opening your heart with Pure Green Divine Loving Energy (it’s ok if you feel overwhelmed and you want to cry, this is normal this is Divine Love from the Universe –Multiverse). Now feel this Energy leaving your Heart area, and drifting off to infinite space. As you Visualize this Green Light drifting off into what seems like infinite and boundless space, then imagine and visualize a new energy coming or rushing towards you. This is the healing and loving force of your Ancestors being sent forth to you and towards you do not be alarmed, this Positive healing Green Light Force is here to heal you, remember Green is a color of healing, growth, vegetation and vitality. As you feel this New Green Light Healing force entering your Heart visualize this loving Divine love Energy, traveling up to your Throat area, opening all lines of communication for you and removing any blocks, now feel the Green Light Energy moving to the Great INNER EYE known as your “PINEAL” SEAT, 3RD EYE, OR PINEAL GLAND.

Feel this loving Green Light Energy, clearing any tension that sits in the middle of your head, as you feel this Green Light Energy, moving around in a Circular motion, feel it breaking up any unwanted Mental Patterns or unwanted Negative Thoughts. Feel a renewed Mind, and a fresh new start, after feeling this envision this PURE GREEN LIGHT HEALING ENERGY, traveling back down towards your stomach and descending down into the Solar Plexus region where you can store it for use at any time!

You have just been re-introduced to the healing power of Creative Thought.
An excerpt from pages 206-209 Nun Tablet "What is Qatum (Melanin) Physics?" Master Key#19

For more Practical Nunology Exercises  - refer to the Many Nun Tablets Available here at The Eternal Temple of Nun:


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