Sunday, November 27, 2011

4 Simple Steps to Manifesting "YOUR" Thoughts from the "UNREAL"... To the "REAL"! (THE MASTER KEY SIMPLIFIED)

Question: How do Thoughts manifest from the Mental Plane into Material Reality?

Answer: Great question, let’s view it this way. Have you ever had a Thought or sudden burst of Inspiration, where you could Visually see your Thoughts being played out in your Mind, like more a movie screen, of course you have right, one time or many times in your life. Well at that moment of that Burst of Inspiration, you could “FEEL” goose bumps and a burst of “EXCITEMENT”, then the more you kept thinking of these thoughts, the more you became engulfed with your “IDEA” or “Inspiration”, Some might even say you became “POSSED”. So finally as you kept thinking of the this inspiring idea, you begin to think of a plan of action on how to Materialize this Idea. This plan of Action is what is termed “ATTRACTION” you begin to move on the energy or react on the energy that was inspiring you into Action, you went from Static Energy to Kinetic Energy which is Energy in Motion or Emotional Energy. As you stayed focus on your Idea, and kept the high Emotional drive, you begin to see little things manifest in your life that let you know you are on the right track. 

These are the little “magnetic magical particles” manifesting in different ways in your life from the Plane of Forces. You might have seen your Idea manifest or Materialize in many ways, like intuitive flashes in your Mind, as People to call, Places to go or visit or even things to go buy that would assist or aid you in Manifesting this Idea and inspiration you had into Solid, Concrete, and definite Reality. Then as you listened and followed you finally seen the Manifestation of your Thoughts from the Mental Plane come forth in what seem like nowhere, which really means NOW-HERE!

So let’s say this another way to make sure that this is “CRYSTAL CLEAR” in your MIND’S EYE as to how your Thoughts are Manifested into what is being termed “CONRETE REALITY”, thus as the old saying goes “Thoughts become Things”.

Manifestation of "YOUR" Thoughts
from the "UNREAL" to the... "REAL"!

1.  First you have a Burst of inspiration, IDEA or Thought = Mental Plane.

2. Then you “FEEL” the goose bumps or Emotions attached to this Inspiration = Spiritual Plane (Plane of Emotional Energy)

3. Then you take Actions , meaning your Emotions have now become active or “IN MOTION” thus Energy in motion, and as you Move or ARE IN MOTION, you create FORCE, for Mass=Force. As movement occurs it cause unseen Atomic Particles to MagneticallyATTRACT” to your Holographic IMAGE or IMAGES, coming from the Black SPACE of your Mind (DARKNESS). Magnetic Attraction and FORCE = Plane of Force (LAW OF ATTRACTION).

4. Then you being to see the manifestation in the three Solid visible realities as Persons you might meet to assist you into bring this IDEA INTO SOLID REALITY, Places that you might go in order to Bring this IDEA into Solid Reality, or things you might need to acquire in order to bring this Thought, IDEA, or Inspiration into Solid Reality. THUS MANIFESTATION OF THOUGHTS!

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