Monday, July 11, 2011

What do we Need?

An Excerpt from : An Introduction to Nunology!

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Question: What do we need? 

Answer: You need a Positive Mentality (Mind Set, a way of thinking) to offset the Negative, then you will have the Brain Power necessary to identify yourselves with the Universal Forces, and they will help and assist you. They will “Protect” you! 

Universal Forces cannot beneficially and effectively work for you and with you as long as so many Minds among you are so “Negative”. Because Negative MindsAttractNegative Forces and those Negative Forces destroy you and Cause you to destroy yourselves by division. And when we say “Universal Forces” as Nunologist we mean the Forces of Nun your Ancient African Ancestral Forces that are here to work for you in the Positive

Nunology the Ancient African Metaphysical Science will Re- Establish your Positive Mentality, so the Forces of Nature can begin to work for you and not against you again! It is now time to reverse the “Spell” of Negativity that has been placed on People for far too long now! Nunology will open the Master Key of your Heart and Mind! – Dr. Neb Heru

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