Friday, January 14, 2011

Energy, Light, and the Breath of Life!

Everything in NATURE and Existence Vibrates, and there is a constant Rhythmic Motion throughout the Universe (Multi-Verse). Nothing in nature rests, there is constant motion and constant vibrations, thus as everything Vibrates so does your Thoughts, and as you think a Thought you send out Vibrations of Positive Energy or Negative Energy, depending on the Nature of your Thoughts

Question: What is Energy?

Answer: There is a great deal of Energy flowing freely throughout the Universe. This Energy is seen in the Form of Light. In fact, Light is the Visible part of Energy, “Electromagnetic Spectrum,” and a Spectrum is a range of things related by certain characteristics. In this case, the Spectrum of Light is made up of Energy that travels through Space much like a “Wave that Ripples in a Pond”. Scientifically the height of the Wave is called the Amplitude or the height of its intensity. The distance between the peak of one Wave and the peak of the next is called wavelength and the time per second that it takes a Wave to pass through a specified point is the Frequency.

That Spectrum is called “Electro Magnetic” because it has an Electric Field as well as a Magnetic Field. The Electric Waves of the Electric Field are identical in Amplitude, Wavelength and Frequency as the Magnetic Waves of the Magnetic Field, hence, Electromagnetic. Thus we have the Electromagnetic Nature of Life.

in actuality a Breath of Light. Not the Light of a Light Bulb, but a Light of Life, giving pouring forth forever emanating and forever penetrating. This Light is what makes you a Living Soul (Pure Green Light Essence).

This Light existed Darkness in a State of Void before it became “Something or Sum thing”. Life itself is a burning! Life springs from an acid base and is perpetuated (continued) by that acid base. Of course, acid burns, so hence, “Life is a burning”, like the acid in a car battery is the life of the car. The car is made active by gas burning and the Person is made active by Blood burning.

When a Baby actively starts to breath the Oxygen (Air) it breathes goes to the lungs, and acid in the Blood in its Lungs burns the Oxygen the Child breathes, and that burning is Natural Electricity called Ether which is Life.

Electricity or Electrical Energy can be sent over long distances! Thoughts which are Electrical become things. They can be seen (Light) and Felt (Heat, Cool, etc…) Thoughts operate on the principle of Electrical Energy. Electrical Energy is of a special importance in Energy changes. Most forms of Energy can be changed into Electrical Energy. Electrical Energy, in turn can be changed into almost any other form of Energy. - DR. NEB HERU (NUNOLOGY)


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