Thursday, December 9, 2010

"YOU” –The Real Student of Life!

YOU –The Real Student of Life!

“With the Ankh Master Key” in Her or His possession, the Initiate may unlock the many doors of the Mental and Psychic Temple of ALL, thus gaining The Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom and The Right Overstanding, and enter the same freely, using the GOD Mind you have (As the Children of Nature and the Initiates of Life) or the Mind of Mental, which is GOD. This explains the true Nature of Energy, Power, Matter, Existence, and why and how all these are subordinate to the Mastery of Mind, and that each Mind is a slave to the Mental, the Force of Ether, which controls the Action of Matter.” 

One of the old Tehuti Masters wrote, long ages ago: “He or She realizes that “ALL” is, and these words are as true for all time. Without this AnkhMaster Key”, mastery is impossible, and the Initiate knocks in vain at the many doors of the Temple, and is met by false Teachers of Ghost, Illusions, Spooks, Fictions, Beliefs, and Myths, given false hopes. No Facts, No Confirmations, No Truth, just lie after lie. The Light is devil’s (Six Ether Death Forces in Nature) tool. Darkness is the home (Abode) of GOD (Deity, Neteru) Peace (Hotep, Hetep), Tranquility, and Bliss. In this day and time the Students (Initiates) of Life (Nine Ether) must find your way back home to Blackness (NUN) the State of Supreme Mind.


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