Thursday, December 16, 2010

What is Quantum Thinking (Nine Reasoning)?

Question: What is Quantum Thinking (Nine Reasoning)? 

Answer: Quantum Thinking is the ability to tap into your own great Genetic Bloodline and make contact with all your great Ancestors and let those great deities work with you and through you. Knowing that infinite possibilities exist in the Universe and being you are a Qatum (Melanin) being you are the linked to infinite possibilities. In this day and time “Nothing” is impossible. Quantum Thinking or Nine Reasoning is the process of learning to think past your Conscious Awareness to the more Subtle phases of your Conscious Mind known as the “Subconscious” and “Super Conscious” realms of thinking. 

The symbol of the #9 (Nine) is the Circle which is a symbol for “REASONING”, “Completeness” or “Wholeness”. The process of Reasoning is figuring out a subject or a thing to its final conclusion, or to draw logical conclusions. Nine Reasoning is thinking and reasoning in the “Positive”. Having the ability to visualize and sculpt your life for the “Positive”. Learning and knowing you can have a positive effect on your environment. As a Qatum (Melanin) being you must “know” your great potential. Through your Subconscious Minds you all are linked to ALL, and must learn to perceive (Perception) on a Quantum level that is “Super Consciousness”.  

When a Person is Positive, he or she will indeed choose the life of life. When the person is Positive, he or she picks Reason who is ascending. Nine Reasoning is dedicated and obligated to finding the best answers to questions and also the best solutions to problems. Nine Ether (9ether) is a Positive Force within nature known in ancient times as “NUPU”. Nine Ether Forces changes Matter for the better standards, values, and qualities in Nature. Our Nine Ether Ancestral Forces within Nature deal with Truth, Justice, Equality and Freedom, and these attributes are the basis of Quantum Thinker (Reasonist), this is the types of thoughts we must formulate and keep on our mind in this day and time, for this is the VIBRATION the Planet Earth (PTAH-NUN) is vibrating on.

Nine Ether within all Space, all Matter and all Time is also called “Positive Ether”, and this Positive Ether (the NINE) controls and supports the living not the dead nor mentally dead. Nine Ether is the “PositivePOWERS in Nature and we are linked to these Positive Powers and Forces in Nature by Birth right through the very Melanin in your Physical Make up!
As a Quantum Thinker (Reasonist) and Qatum (Melaninite) Being you must align yourself with Positive and Progressive thinking at all times, for to do this is to be right in alignment with Nature, and Natural Forces in this time and season, which is SOUND RIGHT REASON

You must begin to realize oh Qatum (Melaninite) Children that SOUND RIGHT REASONING, NUPU, NINE REASON, ASCENDING REASON, as well as the Best most practical Mind, uses all practical means possible including investigation, examination, parallels, Geometric figures, evidence, examples, experience, inspiration, revelation, and experimentation when possible, in order to reach binding conclusions.  

SOUND RIGHT REASON is NINE-ETHER (MIND POWER), concentrated (concentration) – profound-rational thoughts and irrefutable, conclusions in the Science of Natural Law and Order, Inspiration and Revelation, Knowledge, Overstanding, and Wisdom called Intelligence and Intellect. SOUND RIGHT REASON is also known as NUPU and NUPU is plural in “POWER” and “PURPOSE”. 

In this day and time we must begin to realize as Qatum (Melaninite) Beings we have adopt and formulate a Scientific Mind and Thought Process, for Science is Knowledge and Knowledge is “TO KNOW”. We must have the ability to distinguish from that which is Right to do for all and that which is wrong to do for all according to the Laws of Nature. Our Ancient Science which is NUN deals with Reality, Reason, and that which is Practical to do in this day and time. That which is right and correct to do according to the time and season we are in. Again NUN is our Spiritual and Ethereal Science of NUPU which are Natures Forces in the Positive. Now is the time as Qatum Beings to embrace a Positive Mind set in order to transform with the “New (NU) Cycle” changes affecting PTAH-NUN, the Planet Earth!  

An excerpt taken from "What is Qatum (Melanin) Physics?" Master #19

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