Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What is Mental Pro-Creation?

Quesiton: What is Mental Pro-Creation? 

Answer: We as Nunologist know that Mental Pro-creation deals with having the ability to tap into and work with the Living Mind of NATURE. Having the Ability to Project your thoughts into seemingly No.Where and have them Manifest now here, or in Physical, Visible Reality. To Procreate means to bring forth life, or gush forth life. 

When we as Nunologist speak about Mental Procreation not only do we realize we have and posses the Power to Create that which we are seeing and viewing with our Inner Vision or Mind's EYE, but we also know that we can Project our Mental Thoughts and Creations (Visualizations) INTO another Mind, with out there Physical or Conscious awareness

We as Nunologist know that we can impregnate another mind with our Thoughts, and just like any seed it will grow and fester, and in time become part of there inner awareness and Character. We as Nunologist know that we have the ability, to Create and Give Birth Minds, thus a Mentality, here on the Planet Earth (Ptah-NUN). Being we Nunologist work with the living forces in Nature, known to you as the Positive Forces in Nature, we only Mentally Procreate for Humanities Common Good. 

 For the last 10,500 years we Nunologist have sat back and watched, the decline of Humanities Mind because of the wrong intentions of those who knew the art form of Mental Pro-Creation. We as Nunologist know and Reason as Fact that when two Minds come together in Harmony, a Cohesive Unity is formed, and they become ONE MIND, moving as one body, because of a Living Law with in Nature named The LAW OF VIBRATION and The LAW OF COHESION.  

So the real Art form of "MENTAL PRO-CREATION" is not only having the ability to give Birth to all your Ideas, but as Nunologist and Master Minds, we know we have the ability to PLANT A THOUGHT SEED in others and BIRTH the SAME IDEAS IN OTHERS, Thus giving birth to the NUN MIND SET, or 9INE MINDS!

From Dakrness we came, and in Darkness we all still remain!
Dr. Neb Heru .:.

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