Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Vibrational Power of Thought!

The Vibrational Power of Thought
We must come to realize with our true inner eyes (Spiritual – 3rd Eye) that thought is a Force a manifestation of Cosmic Energy having Magnetic like power of Attraction. When we think we send out vibrations of a fine ethereal substance, which are as real as the Vibrations manifesting heat, light, electricity, and magnetism. These Mental Vibrations are not evident to our five senses are no proof that they do not exist. Just look at it this way, a powerful magnet will send out vibrations and exert a force sufficient to attract to itself a piece of steel weighing a hundred pounds, but we can neither see, taste, smell, hear nor feel the mighty force.  

These Thought Vibrations, likewise, cannot be seen, tasted, smelled, heard nor felt in ordinary way; although it is true there are recorded cases where People peculiarly sensitive to Psychic impressions who have received powerful Thought Waves, and many of us can testify that we have felt the Thought Vibrations of others, both while in the presence of certain people and at a distance. People are becoming more and more sensitive to Thought Vibrations. In this day and time our thoughts and visions must be crystal clear, Positive and aligned with the will of our Natural plan and Purpose according to Nature

We are now living in a great era of time called the “Solar Cycle of RE” (refer to Solar Cycle of RE, Master Key vol.2) where the veil of Isis (ASET) is being lifted off the world, the Cosmic Veil of the Illusionary world of substance and the real world of ethereal matter. We have passed through the age of Physical, to the age of Air, 9Ether, Positive Thoughts etc…We will soon really learn the Power of Thought Vibrations and the Power of the Law of Attraction as Qatum (Melaninite) Beings. Thought is the fastest moving force in the Universe, and thought waves travel faster than the speed of light.

Excerpt Taken from "What is Qatum (Melanin Physics)" pg. 99-100

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