Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Power of Intention!

Question: What is an Intention?

Answer: An intention is a vibration submitted to the knowing self, to the inner self, which is the real, you. It is an emotional vibration of humility, a vibration of love sent to the inner self, or the real you in order to ask, seek, and wait for proper guidance on any particular things you are seeking. When you place your intentions, and trust into your inner being, and the inner working of all and the universe, then all things will and do manifest for your higher purpose and good. An intention thus is a request!

When you place an intention, follow through with the original feeling you felt when placing your intention, knowing your request and pure vibration is just a step away. You might intended for pure love to be sent your way, this will happen, you might intended for a higher purpose or situation, to manifest in your life, this will happen also. We attract to use based off the “PURITY" of the energy sent when we are intending. When praying for others place your intention away from yourself, and feel true bliss, and loving energies for the other person.

When sending intentions in the form of prayers for others know that who you are praying for is weak, they do not have enough cosmic, emotional energy within there being to overcome the situation, thus they need Spiritual fuel. Why you are being asked to send intentions out for others, it’s simple, you are pure in heart, the more pure in heart you are the more Cosmic loving vibrations can flow freely through you. Remember energy flows where “ATTENTION” goes, the word ‘ATTENTION” and “INTENTION” sounds very close together, because they are similar in "VIBRATION” , this purity. When you are intending for others, cleanse your mind, cleanse your heart, and feel the needed cosmic strength that is needed for them.

You might have great intentions and longing to see a loved one, you have not seen in a very long time, and greatly miss. Know that when you send out intentions on seeing a loved one from the seemingly past into today’s so-called present which is ultimately NOW, know that all things are possible. You must know that the Multiverse (Universe) is filled with infinite possibilities’ and there is not such “ONE WAY’ prescribed or one such method in this day and time, truly trust and KNOW that ALL IS ALL!

WHAT YOU SEND OUT, YOU WILL HAVE RETURNED TO YOU, TRUST AND KNOW THIS! We are living in this day and time with all the great technology at our finger tips that we do not have to be afraid no more, or fear, or waddle in “IGNORANCE” the facts are right here in front of us. Know we do not have to be unhappy; we now have THE FORMULAS and Spiritual Teachings to “ATTRACT’ all that we need to pull up the vibration of the Planet (PTAH-NUN), we now have the knowledge, to attract Positive and loving vibrations to us!  KNOW, that you are a Child of Nature, no matter what part of the planet Earth (PTAH-NUN) you reside, take time to review your life, look at all the great things you have attracted and continue to attract in your life. Know NOW that DIVINE LOVE is truly on your side and that the “POSITIVE FORCES WITHIN NATURE” are now ready to work on your behalf to accomplish any GOAL that you desire. KNOW THAT YOU DESERVE IT ALL, AND NOW IS YOUR TIME!

Say to yourself NOW - "As a Supreme, Infinite, and Loving Being of the Universe (Multiverse) I open my Heart, to recieve a Pure Stream of Divine Love Energy, flowing freely from the Universe (Multiverse). Today as I open my heart to this Pure Stream of Divine Love energy it begins to radiate to all others, and in knowing this one simple Cosmic Principle we begin the Process to not only heal myself but ALL whom I come in contact".

"Divine Love is the Tachyon (GLUE) of the Universe (Multiverse) it is what hold all together, and together simple means "TO-GATHER", thus ALL! Hotep and Peace Profound.

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