Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Power of Intention!

Question: What is an Intention?

Answer: An intention is a vibration submitted to the knowing self, to the inner self, which is the real, you. It is an emotional vibration of humility, a vibration of love sent to the inner self, or the real you in order to ask, seek, and wait for proper guidance on any particular things you are seeking. When you place your intentions, and trust into your inner being, and the inner working of all and the universe, then all things will and do manifest for your higher purpose and good. An intention thus is a request!

When you place an intention, follow through with the original feeling you felt when placing your intention, knowing your request and pure vibration is just a step away. You might intended for pure love to be sent your way, this will happen, you might intended for a higher purpose or situation, to manifest in your life, this will happen also. We attract to use based off the “PURITY" of the energy sent when we are intending. When praying for others place your intention away from yourself, and feel true bliss, and loving energies for the other person.

When sending intentions in the form of prayers for others know that who you are praying for is weak, they do not have enough cosmic, emotional energy within there being to overcome the situation, thus they need Spiritual fuel. Why you are being asked to send intentions out for others, it’s simple, you are pure in heart, the more pure in heart you are the more Cosmic loving vibrations can flow freely through you. Remember energy flows where “ATTENTION” goes, the word ‘ATTENTION” and “INTENTION” sounds very close together, because they are similar in "VIBRATION” , this purity. When you are intending for others, cleanse your mind, cleanse your heart, and feel the needed cosmic strength that is needed for them.

You might have great intentions and longing to see a loved one, you have not seen in a very long time, and greatly miss. Know that when you send out intentions on seeing a loved one from the seemingly past into today’s so-called present which is ultimately NOW, know that all things are possible. You must know that the Multiverse (Universe) is filled with infinite possibilities’ and there is not such “ONE WAY’ prescribed or one such method in this day and time, truly trust and KNOW that ALL IS ALL!

WHAT YOU SEND OUT, YOU WILL HAVE RETURNED TO YOU, TRUST AND KNOW THIS! We are living in this day and time with all the great technology at our finger tips that we do not have to be afraid no more, or fear, or waddle in “IGNORANCE” the facts are right here in front of us. Know we do not have to be unhappy; we now have THE FORMULAS and Spiritual Teachings to “ATTRACT’ all that we need to pull up the vibration of the Planet (PTAH-NUN), we now have the knowledge, to attract Positive and loving vibrations to us!  KNOW, that you are a Child of Nature, no matter what part of the planet Earth (PTAH-NUN) you reside, take time to review your life, look at all the great things you have attracted and continue to attract in your life. Know NOW that DIVINE LOVE is truly on your side and that the “POSITIVE FORCES WITHIN NATURE” are now ready to work on your behalf to accomplish any GOAL that you desire. KNOW THAT YOU DESERVE IT ALL, AND NOW IS YOUR TIME!

Say to yourself NOW - "As a Supreme, Infinite, and Loving Being of the Universe (Multiverse) I open my Heart, to recieve a Pure Stream of Divine Love Energy, flowing freely from the Universe (Multiverse). Today as I open my heart to this Pure Stream of Divine Love energy it begins to radiate to all others, and in knowing this one simple Cosmic Principle we begin the Process to not only heal myself but ALL whom I come in contact".

"Divine Love is the Tachyon (GLUE) of the Universe (Multiverse) it is what hold all together, and together simple means "TO-GATHER", thus ALL! Hotep and Peace Profound.

Monday, December 20, 2010

How To Think Like A G.O.D.?

An Excerpt Taken From Pages 14-18 
(Nun Tablet - How To Think Like A G.O.D.) 

Will Power, Strength and Courage

Question: How important is Courage in this day and time? 

Answer: Courage is the back bone of Human Beings, and a Person with Courage has “Persistence.” A Courageous Person has “Confidence”, and is able to draw to themselves moral qualities and mental forces which go to make up a strong Person. You can therefore see the value of Concentration on Courage. Courage is a most vital Element of Success! The lack of Courage creates financial as well as “Mental” and “Moral” difficulties. So when you are faced with a new challenge, look at it as something new to be achieved and overcome. As Nunologist, courage is key to our success and mastery and control over oneself, and learning to apply the inner working of the Living Laws of Nature.
In order to “Think Like a G.O.D.” you must look upon everything within your Power as a Possibility, instead of as merely a probability and you will accomplish a great deal more, because by considering a thing as impossible, you immediately draw to yourself all the Elements and Thoughts that contribute to failure.  

Lack of Courage destroys your “Confidence” in “Yourself” and your abilities. It destroys that forceful resolute attitude so important to Success. Realize now the Person without courage unconsciously (Subconsciously) draws and “attractsmagnetically to him or herself all that is contemptible, weakening, demoralizing and destructive. We must first have the Courage to strongly desire to want to take control of our Life, control of our emotions, and most importantly take control of our Minds! Know now just by the mere fact that you are reading these words shows you have the Desire within you to now want and be ready to “THINK LIKE A G.O.D.!”
As Nunologist we know and reason as fact that in order for a “DESIRE” to be fulfilled, it must be backed by the “STRENGTH” of all our Mental Forces! Such a desire has enough commanding force to change all unfavorable conditions. With this type of desire force you are able to Command and take control of your life and all those around you who lack these abilities! You are able to apply your new found Courage in all aspects of your life! This is the way of Thinking of all Great and Successful People and Races today and in Ancient Times through the 1st law of Nature which is “Self Preservation.” With a G.O.D. MIND we now know as NINE (9) MIND, you are now able to have it ALL! The Choice is truly yours!
Start out today, here and NOW with the idea that there is no logical reason why you should not be Courageous and focused on accomplishing all that you need, hope for and desire. Let your Ancient Ancestors be the Guiding example of your infinite Potentials. Reach back into the Mental Reservoirs of your Mind and reflect, by way of the “LAW OF REFLECTION” on all the great accomplishments your Ancestors have achieved and you have personally achieved, let these achievements be your greatest motivation, and allow these examples and facts give you more courage! When those Negative Six (6) Ether Fear Thoughts come to you, you must cast them away as you would a dead viper, stop it in its tracks learn to put up your Mental Shields of “POSITIVITY” now known as “PSYCHIC SELF DEFENSE!”. Learn to NOW, to Arm yourself with your High Mind, NINE (9) MIND, the Mind that is truly linked to Infinite and Boundless all Mighty and Eternal Nature. Form the habit “NOW” to never thinking of anything unfavorable to yourself or anyone else. (Refer to the Nun Tablet : How TO Break The Spell of Negativity

In dealing with difficulties or challenges new or old, hold the thought in your Mind and repeat, “I AM COURAGEOUS,” whenever a doubt crosses the threshold of your Mind, banish it! Remember, you as a “MASTER” and G.O.D. of your “MIND” and the powers of your MIND control it’s every thought, and here is a good one to often affirm I have Courage because I desire it; because I need it; Because I use it and because I refuse to become such a weakling as cowardice produces.” (For more information on Affirmations refer to: NUN Tablet “Autosuggestions” for Magical Success)

Realize now to never let another's opinion as a GOD MIND effect you, he or she cannot tell what you are able to do; He or She does not know what you can do with your forces, the Higher Mental Forces that all reside within you! The truth is, you do not know yourself until you put yourself to the test, and therefore how can someone else know? “NEVER ALLOW ANYONE AND WE MEAN ANYONE PUT AN VALUATION ON YOU AND WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF DOING!” As Nunologist we know and reason as fact that everyone is a “Child of Nature” and all connected to ALL therefore we all Posses infinite and abundant Possibilities waiting to be stimulated and realized from within!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

What is Quantum Thinking (Nine Reasoning)?

Question: What is Quantum Thinking (Nine Reasoning)? 

Answer: Quantum Thinking is the ability to tap into your own great Genetic Bloodline and make contact with all your great Ancestors and let those great deities work with you and through you. Knowing that infinite possibilities exist in the Universe and being you are a Qatum (Melanin) being you are the linked to infinite possibilities. In this day and time “Nothing” is impossible. Quantum Thinking or Nine Reasoning is the process of learning to think past your Conscious Awareness to the more Subtle phases of your Conscious Mind known as the “Subconscious” and “Super Conscious” realms of thinking. 

The symbol of the #9 (Nine) is the Circle which is a symbol for “REASONING”, “Completeness” or “Wholeness”. The process of Reasoning is figuring out a subject or a thing to its final conclusion, or to draw logical conclusions. Nine Reasoning is thinking and reasoning in the “Positive”. Having the ability to visualize and sculpt your life for the “Positive”. Learning and knowing you can have a positive effect on your environment. As a Qatum (Melanin) being you must “know” your great potential. Through your Subconscious Minds you all are linked to ALL, and must learn to perceive (Perception) on a Quantum level that is “Super Consciousness”.  

When a Person is Positive, he or she will indeed choose the life of life. When the person is Positive, he or she picks Reason who is ascending. Nine Reasoning is dedicated and obligated to finding the best answers to questions and also the best solutions to problems. Nine Ether (9ether) is a Positive Force within nature known in ancient times as “NUPU”. Nine Ether Forces changes Matter for the better standards, values, and qualities in Nature. Our Nine Ether Ancestral Forces within Nature deal with Truth, Justice, Equality and Freedom, and these attributes are the basis of Quantum Thinker (Reasonist), this is the types of thoughts we must formulate and keep on our mind in this day and time, for this is the VIBRATION the Planet Earth (PTAH-NUN) is vibrating on.

Nine Ether within all Space, all Matter and all Time is also called “Positive Ether”, and this Positive Ether (the NINE) controls and supports the living not the dead nor mentally dead. Nine Ether is the “PositivePOWERS in Nature and we are linked to these Positive Powers and Forces in Nature by Birth right through the very Melanin in your Physical Make up!
As a Quantum Thinker (Reasonist) and Qatum (Melaninite) Being you must align yourself with Positive and Progressive thinking at all times, for to do this is to be right in alignment with Nature, and Natural Forces in this time and season, which is SOUND RIGHT REASON

You must begin to realize oh Qatum (Melaninite) Children that SOUND RIGHT REASONING, NUPU, NINE REASON, ASCENDING REASON, as well as the Best most practical Mind, uses all practical means possible including investigation, examination, parallels, Geometric figures, evidence, examples, experience, inspiration, revelation, and experimentation when possible, in order to reach binding conclusions.  

SOUND RIGHT REASON is NINE-ETHER (MIND POWER), concentrated (concentration) – profound-rational thoughts and irrefutable, conclusions in the Science of Natural Law and Order, Inspiration and Revelation, Knowledge, Overstanding, and Wisdom called Intelligence and Intellect. SOUND RIGHT REASON is also known as NUPU and NUPU is plural in “POWER” and “PURPOSE”. 

In this day and time we must begin to realize as Qatum (Melaninite) Beings we have adopt and formulate a Scientific Mind and Thought Process, for Science is Knowledge and Knowledge is “TO KNOW”. We must have the ability to distinguish from that which is Right to do for all and that which is wrong to do for all according to the Laws of Nature. Our Ancient Science which is NUN deals with Reality, Reason, and that which is Practical to do in this day and time. That which is right and correct to do according to the time and season we are in. Again NUN is our Spiritual and Ethereal Science of NUPU which are Natures Forces in the Positive. Now is the time as Qatum Beings to embrace a Positive Mind set in order to transform with the “New (NU) Cycle” changes affecting PTAH-NUN, the Planet Earth!  

An excerpt taken from "What is Qatum (Melanin) Physics?" Master #19

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What is Mental Pro-Creation?

Quesiton: What is Mental Pro-Creation? 

Answer: We as Nunologist know that Mental Pro-creation deals with having the ability to tap into and work with the Living Mind of NATURE. Having the Ability to Project your thoughts into seemingly No.Where and have them Manifest now here, or in Physical, Visible Reality. To Procreate means to bring forth life, or gush forth life. 

When we as Nunologist speak about Mental Procreation not only do we realize we have and posses the Power to Create that which we are seeing and viewing with our Inner Vision or Mind's EYE, but we also know that we can Project our Mental Thoughts and Creations (Visualizations) INTO another Mind, with out there Physical or Conscious awareness

We as Nunologist know that we can impregnate another mind with our Thoughts, and just like any seed it will grow and fester, and in time become part of there inner awareness and Character. We as Nunologist know that we have the ability, to Create and Give Birth Minds, thus a Mentality, here on the Planet Earth (Ptah-NUN). Being we Nunologist work with the living forces in Nature, known to you as the Positive Forces in Nature, we only Mentally Procreate for Humanities Common Good. 

 For the last 10,500 years we Nunologist have sat back and watched, the decline of Humanities Mind because of the wrong intentions of those who knew the art form of Mental Pro-Creation. We as Nunologist know and Reason as Fact that when two Minds come together in Harmony, a Cohesive Unity is formed, and they become ONE MIND, moving as one body, because of a Living Law with in Nature named The LAW OF VIBRATION and The LAW OF COHESION.  

So the real Art form of "MENTAL PRO-CREATION" is not only having the ability to give Birth to all your Ideas, but as Nunologist and Master Minds, we know we have the ability to PLANT A THOUGHT SEED in others and BIRTH the SAME IDEAS IN OTHERS, Thus giving birth to the NUN MIND SET, or 9INE MINDS!

From Dakrness we came, and in Darkness we all still remain!
Dr. Neb Heru .:.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Vibrational Power of Thought!

The Vibrational Power of Thought
We must come to realize with our true inner eyes (Spiritual – 3rd Eye) that thought is a Force a manifestation of Cosmic Energy having Magnetic like power of Attraction. When we think we send out vibrations of a fine ethereal substance, which are as real as the Vibrations manifesting heat, light, electricity, and magnetism. These Mental Vibrations are not evident to our five senses are no proof that they do not exist. Just look at it this way, a powerful magnet will send out vibrations and exert a force sufficient to attract to itself a piece of steel weighing a hundred pounds, but we can neither see, taste, smell, hear nor feel the mighty force.  

These Thought Vibrations, likewise, cannot be seen, tasted, smelled, heard nor felt in ordinary way; although it is true there are recorded cases where People peculiarly sensitive to Psychic impressions who have received powerful Thought Waves, and many of us can testify that we have felt the Thought Vibrations of others, both while in the presence of certain people and at a distance. People are becoming more and more sensitive to Thought Vibrations. In this day and time our thoughts and visions must be crystal clear, Positive and aligned with the will of our Natural plan and Purpose according to Nature

We are now living in a great era of time called the “Solar Cycle of RE” (refer to Solar Cycle of RE, Master Key vol.2) where the veil of Isis (ASET) is being lifted off the world, the Cosmic Veil of the Illusionary world of substance and the real world of ethereal matter. We have passed through the age of Physical, to the age of Air, 9Ether, Positive Thoughts etc…We will soon really learn the Power of Thought Vibrations and the Power of the Law of Attraction as Qatum (Melaninite) Beings. Thought is the fastest moving force in the Universe, and thought waves travel faster than the speed of light.

Excerpt Taken from "What is Qatum (Melanin Physics)" pg. 99-100

Friday, December 10, 2010

From the "UNSEEN" to the "SEEN", the Interface of the Dimensions. Pg.3 from the Nun Tablet (4th Dimension & The Subconscious Mind)

We are now living in a great day and time, were the Children of Nature are now longing and yearning to truly realign their inner being (SoulBAA, Cosmic Force) with the Universe now known as the Multiverse and All that is in and around us. We are living in the day and time where People are beginning to experience more and more heightened senses of awareness, visions, dreams and even cases of Astral Travel or out of the Body experiences. 

We are also at a great day and time of Healing, where the World and the People of the World are now seeking to rid themselves of old Negative Habits and thought Patterns that are truly detrimental to their physical, emotional and mental well being. We when reflect back, it was not until the turn of this New (NU) Millennium that all these Positive Energies started too accelerate more and more, and with this Acceleration comes many changes, now known as the “SHIFT”. 

All Ancient Cultures knew about a great day and time known as “NOW” which is speaking about a time where Time would end. By wrong interpretation today by Modern Scientist not knowing how to fully Overstand,  read and decipher these Ancient Texts as in the Mayans, the Western World is claiming a Dooms day mentally or thinking. For us Nunologist who deal with Sound Right Reason and Facts known that Time is an “illusion” and the only real Time which is “Now” time throughout the Boundless Universes (Multiverse) is the true Law of Change. 

When our Ancient Mayan Brothers and Sisters where speaking about the Calendar ending or time, they are speaking about what is known as the “Shift in Dimension” from the 3rd Dimensional Reality we Perceive, and feel Persons , Place, and thing on to the 4th Dimension of Vibration, the true Realm (World) of all of our AncestralFORCES” within Nature. 

We are “NOW” at the time where the World or Dimension of the Seen is interfacing with that which is Unseen, meaning we have now “REVOLVED” back to the time where THE WORLD of your Subconscious Mind which resides on the Plane of Force, the Plane of Vibration known as the 4th Dimension and your Conscious Awareness will become one and the same, thus increasing your So-called “PHYSICALPerception from just Persons, Places, and Things, to ALL in ALL. Nunology teaches you “MIND” over “Matter”, which is the Next Level of Awareness!  

Excerpt Taken from Pg.3 of the New "Nun Tablet" 
4th Dimension & The Subconscious Mind. 

ANKH - The Master Key!

ANKH - The Master Key

Question: What is the Master Key? 

Answer: The Master Key is based on absolute Scientific Laws of Nature (NUN), Facts, and will unfold the possibilities that lie dormant in each individual, and teach how they may be brought into powerful action, to increase the person’s effective capacity, bringing added energy, “Conscience” the ability to discern from what is right from that which is ultimately wrong in one’s life. The Person possessing the Master Key will find vigor, a renewed excitement for life and mental elasticity. The Person who gains an overstanding of these Natural Mental Laws of Nature which are unfolding will come into the possession of an ability to secure results undreamed of, and which has rewards hardly expressed in words. You as Ancient Egyptians have finally arrived where you can take your place as Divine Rulers, of PTAH-NUN (Earth), PAA RE (THE SUN) and PAA PAUT (THE ALL). 

With the use of the Master Key you will learn the use of “Mind Power”, which is true God Power, Ruler Ship, which is Deity Ship. Re-learning how to use the hidden (AMUN) powers of your Mind has nothing to do with Magic or Hypnotism, even though to the unlearnt these concepts where birth. When we are back in our right state of Mind Power, what seems like Magic and Miracles to the unlearned and unknowing on looker, will be simple Fundamental Laws of Nature.
Possessing the Master Key allows the Person to cultivate and develop the overstanding which will enable the Person to control the body and thereby the Health. Having the Master Key in your possession improves and strengthens the Mind and Memory. It develops insight and foresight, the type of insight and foresight that is so rare, the kind which is the distinguishing characteristics of every successful, and “Powerful and Great Ancestor” of the past. 

The Master Key develops Mind Power which means that others instinctively recognize that you are a person of force, of character – that they want to do what you want them to do in the “Positive”; it means that you “attract people and things to you; that you are what some people call “lucky”, that “things” come your way with easy, that you have come into the an overstanding of the Fundamental Laws of Nature, and have put yourself in harmony with them; that you are intune with Infinite Nature; that you Overstand the Law of Attraction, the Natural laws of Growth and Change, and the Inner Laws of Nature on which all advantages in health, Social and Business World rest. 

Mental Power (The Master Key) is creative power which is GOD Power, gives you the ability to create for yourself; it does not mean to take something away from someone else. Nature never does things that way. Nature the Ultimate provider makes two blades of grass grow where one grew before, and Mind Power enables people to do the same thing. 

With the Master Key in your possession you will see that it helps you to develop insight, increased independence, and the ability to be helpful. It destroys, fear, distrust, depression, melancholia, and every lack, limitation and weakness, including pain and disease. It awakens buried talents, supplies initiative force, energy, and vitality. The Master Key awakens an appreciation of the beautiful in your own race, self pride and a sense of inner greatness. You will learn to rise, not fall back in love with self and kind again, and have a greater appreciation for your great Ancient Culture and the great minds of your Ancestors

The Master Key has changed the lives of all the Great Men and Women of today and of our Great Ancient Past. This is truly our day and time! Once you learn to substitute definite Principles of Nature which is the Laws in Nature, the facts, for beliefs, hazy methods, and principles for the foundation and Fundamental Laws of Nature, a great inner strength will arise. You will have facts beyond a shadow of a doubt that your Ancient Ancestral Forces of Nature are with you, in you, and working for you in your everyday life. 

Having the Master Key you will learn Sound Right Reasoning, in ancient TaMa-Re (Egypt) called Nun. The Master Key teaches Right Principles, and suggests methods for making “Practical Application” of the Principles. With the Master Key in your possession you the true student of Ancient Egypt, you will learn the value of “Application”, you will now sit amongst the Doers, the Knower’s, and those who Reason. With the Master Key, the true Student of Egypt, will learn the value of putting to practice the Eternal and Almighty Laws of Nature, with this you see True Facts manifest not spooky beliefs. 

In this new Millennium, Science has taken on new leaps, and bounds. They have tapped into more facts about the vast universe and its infinite possibilities. In this new Millennium called the Solar Cycle of RE (RA) People are learning the value of the Mind, and the Mental Universe, we are all learning Mind over Matter.  Grab your Master Key and come up here and join us true Mental Giants. The Whole World is on an Eve (Neith – Biaps the Mother of Energy, Mitochondria DNA) of a new (NU or NUN) Consciousness.
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